> Articles in English
* Dr. Marcus Graf. Self Portrait? by Genco Gülan. Visual Artbeat Magazine, Salzburg. 6 October 2013
* Anne Weshinskey. With Fish or Without. New Media Artist Genco Gülan. Lab Kultur Magazine. 25.08.2011
* Abraham Lubelski. Contemporary Istanbul: Interview. Art Fairs International Magazine. December 2006.
* Tim Hailey. Through the Innocent Evil Eyes of Genco Gulan. Rhizome, New York. DEC 30TH 2006
* Sabine Küper. Genco Gülan: The King beheading Himself. InEnArt. June 21, 2013
* Heidi Fuller-love. Interview with Istanbul's Web Biennial founder Genco Gulan. Published in Silverkris the inflight magazine for Singapore Airlines, August 2012.
* Nancy Atakan. De-constructing the Digital Revolution. 2010
* Gülben Çapan. First Turkish born Artist in Ostwall Museum. Art Snob. 2013.
* Agricola de Cologne. Interview: Genco Gulan. Java Museum. March 15th, 2007October 29, 2013.
* Hatice Ahsen Utku. Genco Gülan sends messages o the future through art.2011-04-23
* Hatice Utkan. Shopping Malls Become an Unexpected art Space Hurriyet Daily News. 24 July 2012.
Mentions in Articles:
* Fiachra Gibbons. Istanbul set to stamp its culture credentials. International Herald Tribune (The New York Times) 2006-06-13
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* Peter Farrugia. Celebrating the Body. Times of Malta. July 15, 2012.
* Anne Weshinskey. IKINCILIK: THE STATE OF BEING SECONDARY. The Naked. May 27th, 2013
* Nishad Trivedi. Did-Conceptual-Art-fail? Quora. 2012
* Beral Madra.
* Eileen KinsellaTurkish Artists Respond to the Wave of Protests Rocking Their Country. Blouin Artinfo. 03/06/13
* Hannah Martin. In Istanbul, artists take their ideas to the streets. NU Journalism Abroad. July 18 2011
* FM. Poets who use Technology. Techno Poetry. December 8, 2013
* Derya Yücel. Art’s Networks. A New Communal Model. Ibraaz. 21 November 2012
* Julia Lev. Plato’s new exhibition brings net-art to the fore. Today's Zaman. 27 January 2011